Rookie Baseball Rulebook 2023

The following game rules will apply to games played this 2023 spring season. Any modification to the rules will be explained to the players before the start of the game.

General Rules

• Games are 6 innings or 90 minutes of play and start promptly at 6:00 PM. No game will end until the home team completes their half of an inning.

• Home team coaches will be responsible for canceling any games due to weather or field conditions, at least 1 hour prior, and will need to call the opposing coach or coordinator to let them know.

• A home team coach will umpire the game.

• Adult coaches will pitch to their team. Overhand pitching only.

• A half inning shall end after every batter in the order has batted.

• All players must stay in dugout when not playing defense or up to bat. 


• Each team may place up to 9 players on the field for defense. The infield should have one player per position with the remainder of the team placed in the outfield.

• Coaches are encouraged to allow players to play the catcher position. Catchers should wear protective cup. 

• A coach should be placed behind the catcher to help speed up the pace of play. Coaches may be in the field, provided they do not interfere with the play.

• The ball shall be considered dead, and no runner may advance once the ball has been thrown to the pitcher and the pitcher has possession of the ball.

• Coaches should rotate players throughout the infield and outfield to gain playing experience.


• A continuous batting order will be established by each coach. The batting order will not change during a game except due to player injury.

• Batters are limited to 5 strikes (swinging). After 5 strikes, Batter will hit with a tee. 

• The offense may have two base coaches but need to have a coach in the dugout while at bat.

• Absolutely NO player handles a bat unless walking to home plate to hit.

• Batters may advance one base on hits to the infield. Batters may attempt to advance two bases (at their risk) on hits to the outfield.


• No advance on passed balls.

• No stealing.

• No leading off of base.

• No headfirst sliding.

• If a player gets out, they must leave the field.