Facility Policy & Procedures

Rules and Guidelines for an enjoyable experience at our sports complex for all

There are 3 roles on every team: Please know what role YOU play.

1. Player – A player plays the game and takes direction from the coach/manager. Their responsibility is to learn the game and have fun.

2. Coach –  A coach makes the lineup, assigns positions, gives instructions to players, communicates with the umpires and manages everything inside the fence. A coach is a leader, motivator and role model for their team.

3. Spectator – A spectator watches the game and cheers on the teams and players. They realize that these are kids playing to have fun and learn the game, coaches are just volunteers and umpires are only doing the best they can and don’t care who wins.

Please remember to clean up after yourself. There are trash cans located all over the complex and inside each dug out for your convenience.


The SAA Sports Complex is strictly an alcohol free and non-smoking facility. There will be no consumption of alcohol, of any kind, permitted in any part of the complex. There will be no smoking, or other use of tobacco products of any kind, including (but not limited to) pipes, cigars, cigarettes, vapes or chewing tobacco permitted in any part of the complex.


Proper attire is required at all times at the SAA Sports Complex. Footwear is required at all times. Anyone with inappropriate or explicit clothing will be asked to leave the premises.


Athletes, spectators and guests are expected to set a superior example of sportsmanship. Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated. Physical violence of any kind will result in immediate ejection from the facility. Individuals in violation of the conduct policy will be asked to leave the premises.

Do NOT engage with the umpires. The coaches will communicate with the umpire if the situation requires it.

All SAA coaches have the authority to eject any person from our facility or away events if the spectator is there on behalf of the SAA team. If you feel you have been UNFAIRLY ejected from the facility, you may contact the SAA’s board of directors via email at sidneymeathletics@gmail.com or the SAA President, Brittany Porter, at (207)229-8919 AFTER you have left the facility.


Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at the SAA Sports Complex.


Absolutely no fireworks are permitted anywhere on the property at any time.


The SAA and its coaches and volunteers are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. All guests are encouraged to leave valuables at home or lock personal items in their vehicle while attending events at the SAA Sports Complex. Any found items will be left inside the dugout it was found in or kept safely inside the snack shack for the owner to claim via email/facebook message. The SAA will make a Lost & Found post on facebook at the end of every season in an attempt to find the item’s owners. Any items leftover at the end of each sports season will be donated or thrown away.


In the event of a minor injury, the SAA’s coaches are prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit and instant cold packs. If the injury is more severe, and requires more medical intervention than our coaches are able to provide, the coach will work with the parent to decide next steps. This may include calling emergency services.


Pets are not permitted INSIDE any fenced areas of the SAA Sports Complex at any time. Animals must be leashed at all times while visiting our complex and you are expected to clean up after them.


In the event of lightning or other severe weather conditions, play will be stopped and guests will be directed to safely return to their vehicles and either wait it out or leave the complex. There are no designated “safe zones” at the SAA Sports Complex to wait out the weather. Please see our Lightning Strike Safety Protocol page for more information.