Lightning Strike Safety Protocol

Who should monitor the weather and who is responsible for making the decision to stop the activities?

The home team coach(es) will be responsible for monitoring the weather and making the decision to stop and resume activities. With regards to Minors & Majors (during games), the umpires will make all decisions. Phone apps like “Weather Bug” and “My Lightning Tracker” may lack accuracy as to the location of each strike and may also have a delay of several minutes from when the strike occurs until it is displayed. Although a useful tool, they should not be relied upon 100% in the decision making.

When should activities be stopped?

All activity should be stopped immediately at the first sign of an incoming storm. Do not wait until you hear thunder or see lightning before asking guests to head to safety.

If a game is called (ahead of time) due to weather, the home team coach must inform the umpire coordinator to let them know the game has been cancelled.

Where should people go for safety?

Guests should be directed to their vehicles immediately and instructed to keep vehicle windows up. There is no place outside that is safe when a thunderstorm is in the area. A hard-topped vehicle is the only place considered safe to wait during a lightning threat at our sports complex. There are no designated “safe zones” at the SAA Sports Complex to wait out the weather. Inside the snack shack or dugouts and beneath trees are NOT SAFE places to wait out a storm.

When should activities be resumed?

Activities may resume after 30 minutes of no thunder being heard or lightning being seen. Phone apps should not be substituted for the 30-minute guideline designating when it is safe to resume activities after lightning has last been detected.

What should be done if someone is struck by lightning?

If someone is struck by lightning, they need immediate medical attention. Call 911 immediately to activate emergency services. Initiation of CPR or use of an AED may be necessary.

If any of the aforementioned steps need to be taken, please notify the SAA President (Brittany Porter at 207-229-8919) as soon as possible.